RCCAO/GTSWCA Excavator Utility Locates Webinar
(April 2023)
Recording - The New Excess Soil Regulation and Considerations for the Construction Industry
(January 11 2022)
PDF - Ontario's Excess Soil Regulation - Considerations for the Construction Industry


Nadia Todorova Testimony
Nadia Todorova Testimony - Ontario-Pre-Budget-Consultations (January 2022)
RCCAO calls for a fund to help improve critical water infrastructure (April 2021)

Averting a Crisis
Averting a Crisis: The Need to Protect Ontario's Infrastructure Investments (Jan 2021)
COVID-19 Socio-economic Shock
Jobs and infrastructure at risk, new report warns (June 2020)
Auto Show
More Municipalities will Benefit from Transit Funding (Feb 2020)

TVO Jan 2020

TVO - Infrastructure Challenges in Ontario (Jan 2020)
Job Talks
Job Talks: The People Behind Ontario Construction (2019)
Benefits of Best Practices
Soil (Video 1): Benefits of Best Practices (2018)

A Contractor's Words of Wisdom
Soil (Video 2): Words of Wisdom (2018)
Soil (Video 3): Megaprojects (2018)
Relief line
TVO podcast: Relief Line (2018)

ORBA: Safe Driving in Construction Zones (2017)
10th Anniversary October 7, 2015
RCCAO's 10th Anniversary (2015)
John Oliver Infrastructure
Infrastructure: Last Week Tonight (2015)

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